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the negative effects of wearing high heels

For those of you who like to wear heels high, you need to carefully. Do not be too often use it because there are the negative effects of wearing high heels for our health. For those of you who do not know it, you have to understand it from now.

For every woman, the best performance is a number one. Then they should look as good as possible from top to bottom of their bodies. To support her appearance and make it look tall, many women prefer to use high heels. By wearing high heels, they will look more attractive and their height looks proportionate. Nowadays high heels have become the needs of women who majored in appearance. High heels can indeed support the appearance of a woman who wants to look sexy. No doubt high heels may make their legs look long even slim.

Usually, women will be more confident with a body that tall. So often many women who sustain their height with high heels. Not surprisingly, nearly all models are also always used it to look taller. But did you know the negative effects of high heels? You should see the review below!

The Harmful Effects Of High Heels

  1. Causing problems in the feet

    Your ankle is actually quite flexible and can adapt to a wide range of motion. However, high heels can also restrict our movement. It also can cause pain and a condition known as insertional Achilles tendonitis. Because high heels increase the height of your heel, then the new alignment will hit the calf muscle, so the weight will be focused on the front foot. This increases the risk for a number of foot problems such as corn and bunions.
  2. Varicose veins

    When you wear high heels, legs are in tiptoe position. With the tiptoe condition, the muscles located in the back heel and the calf constantly had tense. So that the blood vessels become depressed, well that can cause a varicose disease to your legs.

  3. Crooked finger

    Limited space at the end of high heels will force your toes to bend in the middle joint. If you continue to linger finger muscles in the second, third and fourth can bend and hold. It would be very dangerous for your finger muscles. This will make your fingers can be bend continue even you are not wearing high heels.

  4. Benign tumors

    High heels have the right height and the front of narrow shoes as well. This makes the neural network between your third and fourth fingers will thicken. Initially, our fingers will be sore and over time will feel numb. Then, if allowed it continuously, this will be the calluses. Calluses that you take for granted may turn out to be benign.

  5. Pump bump

    Technically, pump bump called Haglund’s deformity. A pump bump is a bone which growth that occurs on the heel. Usually caused by constant pressure, friction stiff backs and straps high heels. The only way to treat this disorder is operating, to eliminate the excess bone.

So, have you read the article above about the negative effects of wearing high heels? For you who really like wearing this, you should be careful. Save your health especially for the part of your feet. Hopefully, this side effects of high heels will make you more care with your health.

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