How to Blend Vintage and Bold Home Decor


bohemian home design

Living a Bohemian lifestyle means that you don’t follow the same mold that most of us conform to – it’s not too loud, not too laid back and definitely not too laid back! Instead, what you have is a free-spirited attitude that reflects your personality and your unique sense of fashion. Many people think that Bohemian home design is simply about throwing caution to the wind and getting rid of everything you’ve ever known and loved and starting from scratch. It can be just as easy, however, as picking out some new furniture to adorn your home with.

Some elements of Bohemian design comprise colors that are more vivid and unusual, and others incorporate the sensual into the Bohemian realm. As the center hub for late-night reclining and socializing sessions, you probably spend a great deal of time in your favorite living room. And whether you tend to lean more modern or more traditional in your interior design choices, you can’t go wrong when you add some eclectic Bohemian elements to your home…

If you’re thinking of giving this style a shot, there are a few things that you’ll need for your first Bohemian home decor project. You’ll need a good eye for color, a generous supply of candles (those long lasting ones are especially great), and the basics in Bohemian decorating. Bohemian furniture can make a bold statement that will add a touch of mystery and fun to any space. When choosing Bohemian furniture, think about adding vintage finds like wooden chests of drawers to a more contemporary style home, or about going with an edgy style and incorporating an abundance of bold colors. One element that can go perfectly is Bohemian mirrors – they bring a unique perspective to light and provide a beautiful pop of color that can draw attention to special areas of a room.

One Bohemian accent that you might want to include in an east-west pattern is the Bohemian accent table. These tables can be found in almost any style you can imagine, including rustic, country, western, contemporary, and even Asian-inspired designs. If you have a large home or room to furnish, then Bohemian accent tables might be the perfect choice for your design. These tables are often made from solid wood with interesting decorative features, and you can choose from a variety of interesting tops, including open-faced tables, vase tops, and more.

For Bohemian furniture, pillows can be used to add interest and texture to a room, as well. If you go that route, then it might be a good idea to look at Bohemian throw pillows, which feature asymmetrical shapes and interesting details like seashells or plant blossoms on their covers. You can also add Bohemian mirrors to your home decor, and there are some lovely ways to incorporate those into your home decor. You could paint an accent wall in Bohemian colors, then use Bohemian accent pillows on the top of that wall.

Just like with Bohemian accent tables and throws, Bohemian lamps can be used to add a very Bohemian vibe to a room. A great place to find them is in vintage stores and antique shops. You’ll likely be able to find a Bohemian lamp with a wrought iron base that suits your room design. Some are made from stained glass, while others feature bold colors and patterns. If you haven’t already found a Bohemian lamp with an iron base, I recommend checking out the ones available in flea markets and second-hand stores.

As mentioned before, Bohemian sofas and chairs can also add a Bohemian vibe to your home decor. A wonderful way to add this style to your living space is to pair a Bohemian accent chair with a Bohemian accent table. Complementing colors and patterns are simple enough. For Bohemian chair and accent tables, I recommend looking for ones made from handcrafted wooden frames and legs, with unique designs and finishes. I also recommend trying to find pieces with interesting fabrics, such as those that have a loom work, hand sewn details, or are made of wool.

Bohemian decor has so many uses, such as in jewelry, furniture, and even interior design. If you’ve been thinking about how to incorporate this Bohemian style in your home decor, I hope these tips give you some great ideas. You can make Bohemian home decor just by finding different items, then pairing them with other items in similar bold colors, or by painting a room in a bold color, then adding a touch of Bohemian art or a natural material. Regardless of how you decide to incorporate this style into your home decor, I highly suggest looking for unique items at thrift stores and second-hand stores, then simply putting them in your home to bring a fresh Bohemian vibe to your rooms.


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