The Popular Social Media – 5 Social Networking Sites Which Booming

popular social media

Who does not know social networking sites today? All circles today almost know even use it. There are several popular social media that become dominant or many enthusiasts are using it nowadays. There are also social media that from the past until now there are still many who use it. Because of the advancement of technology, there are many social networking applications are booming and attracting the attention of people to become users.

Social media is generally interpreted as a site that provides a container for its users to interact with each other via online. In social media, you can interact with other users, or maybe even establish business relationships with people from various circles. In today’s social media has become the important part of people activities. There are also some of them who addicted and would feel strange if they don’t use this social networking site. A social media has hypnotized the human mind so that makes us become curious and addicted to using it.

Social networking sites also allow users to write down the activities of the day or share the various things experienced or felt. Actually, there is also a good and bad side that we can get from this social media usage. So what are some social networking sites which still booming? Let’s see them below!

5 Trends Social Networking Sites Which Booming


  • Facebook

    Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. Since its launch in 2004 ago, it has been equipped with various features that pamper its users. Start who don’t understand about the internet until they know it well, they will not have trouble using Facebook as a means of sharing information in cyberspace.

twitter icon

  • Twitter

    For those who like to share a simple and clear status, Twitter is the right place for you. Almost all Internet users use Twitter as an appropriate media. Celebrities, politicians, and their volunteers, they use these social media for their own purposes. Twitter still survive and is in the second position of popular social media.

instagram icon

  • Instagram

    Instagram is a social media where we can share a photo and sharing a video on my account. Currently, this media already available not only in IOS only, even in the OS was already able to access this application. The advantages of social media Instagram is able to edit photos to look better and professional. This media is also updated with live video and live chat feature.

path icon

  • Path

    Besides of three social media above, there is also an application path that can be used to update photos, videos, and status complete with a description of the location tags to music tags. For those of you who are very fond of sharing your daily activities, this feature is perfect for you.
    social chat app
  • Social chat app

    This chat app is more personal and available only for mobile apps like Nokia, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone. Many people who use this social media service to replace the messaging feature in communicating. This chat application is more practical because this application can be accessed from sim card network and also wifi connection. We can communicate with friends, and family wherever you are. In this application, there are also interesting features such as emoticons, stickers, file sharing, video call or voice call.

    So, that’s all a glimpse about the popular social media which very booming. Everyone can use this one to facilitate our communication. Then for you who like to sharing information, those kinds of social networking sites above very proper to choose.

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