How To Neutralize Spiciness – 5 Easy and Fast Ways To Cool Down Your Tongue After Eat Spicy

how to neutralize spiciness
For those of you who like spicy food, it is a pleasure and exciting sensation when eating it.

But do you know how to neutralize spiciness quickly? Maybe for some of you who want to try to eat spicy food but you fear because your tongue will feel hot and spicy, calm down guys. I will share with you the most powerful way to deal this.

When eating spicy foods, our tongues and mouth will feel burning absolutely. This burning is actually caused by a compound which called capsaicinoid that contains in chili. Therefore some people who do not really like spicy may be confused and panic when feeling spiciness. Many people are also wrong or do not know how to cope with. No need to worry guys, you can stop it by consuming one of the foods or a powerful drink to neutralize the spicy taste of your tongue. Are you curious? Look at the following things here!

5 Ways To Cool Down Your Tongue After Eat Spicy Foods

You can consume some of the following foods or beverages that are proven to be the best way how to neutralize spiciness on your tongue.

5 ways to cool down your burning tongue

Drinking milk

When feeling spiciness, you should immediately drink milk. Fat contained in dairy products such as yogurt is also able to overcome the burning sensation in the mouth due to spicy food. This will help to stop the spicy and burning tongue from the taste of the food you eat.

Consumption of Fruit or Juice

To overcome a spicy flavor that never goes away until make you tear, you can consume fruit juice or fresh fruit salad as the best solution and quick way. Fruit or juice not only can neutralize the spicy taste in the mouth but it also calm us due to the effects of the pain that we feel.

Sour and warm drinks

Other drinks such as lemon juice and tomato juice are also good for overcoming spiciness. Acid contained in these drinks can relieve the spicy flavor caused by capsaicinoid. Eating oranges or lemon slices can also help stop it. In addition, warm water can quickly eliminate the spiciness that you feel. So that the burning sensation will overcome quickly.

Rice or bread

Both foods are able to absorb the burning caused by capsaicinoid. This will relieve spiciness in the mouth. Chew on rice or bread when you feel spiciness, wait for a while, the spicy taste will be neutralized quickly. In addition, bananas can also help to relieve the spicy feel that you feel.


When you feel unbearable spiciness, let’s immediately take the sugar to overcome the burning in the mouth. The easy way that you can directly is a consumption of sugar, but do not immediately swallowed but let it dilute and suction slowly. Besides the methods above, you can also dissolve the sugar into the water a glass and then drink it.
So, those are the best ways how to neutralize spiciness easily and quickly. Don’t be confused anymore, let’s overcome it by following the tips above. That’s all a glimpse information that I can share with you. Hopefully, it’s very useful for you guys!
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