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effective ways to treat anemia

For those of you who have anemia, you should immediately resolve them quickly. In this article, I will discuss effective ways to treat anemia quickly and easily. You should know it when this happens to you or those around you, you can help them. Because for some people may not understand how to handle it.

Anemia is a disorder of the circulatory system is often called the deficiency of hemoglobin or red blood cells. Hemoglobin deficiency can be fatal to the body. Usually, patients with anemia are dominated by women. This is because women must have experienced menstruation for each month. Symptoms of anemia usually start from easily tired, lethargic and weak. If you experience something like that, be warned it is a symptom of anemia.

But do not worry guys, you can still handle it in an easy way. By eating certain foods every day, this problem can be resolved. But did you know what are these foods that we must to consume? Then immediately check the effective ways to treat anemia below!

How Is Anemia Treatment?

With certain foods that contain nutrients and good efficacy, this also among the easiest ways to treat anemia. You do not need often taking medicines, just overcome it in a natural way, this will be better. For that immediately see these things here!

  1. Vegetables

    By consuming a lot of green vegetables also greatly help increase stamina and vitamins that are lacking in your body. Green vegetables are very good for health, especially for anemia. Types of vegetables are highly recommended for people with anemia are celery, spinach, potatoes, kale, and cauliflower. Besides to overcome an anemia, green vegetables can also help control your weight.

  2. Egg

    The protein which content in eggs is very good to help produce red blood cells in the body. You can consume boiled eggs to increase red blood cell levels. How to boil it is also different, by mixing boiling water and peel onions for 30 minutes until the eggs are cooked then remove and drain. Red onion skin can also increase the protein in the egg.
  3. Almond nut

    Types of beans are highly recommended for anemia. One of them is almond. In the almonds, there are rich of iron-essence which is good for improving blood flow. Thus the flow of the blood can be smoothly and suffered anemia can be resolved quickly.

  4. Meat

    Eating meat can also be a way to overcome the anemia which is very powerful. Fresh meat contains a lot of protein can increase the production of hemoglobin in the blood. In addition, the meat can also help overcome the red blood cells are broken. The type of meat that is highly recommended is mutton. A mutton rich in protein than beef.

  5. Red onion

    Besides red onions mixed with eggs, this can also be used as a separate ingredient to treat anemia. The trick is boiled onion leaf weighing 60 grams were mixed with 1 egg yolk. Then drink the potion every day twice.

    That’s all about the effective ways to treat anemia that you can follow. Don’t be worried anymore, you can handle that problem quickly while it happens to you. Just follow the remedies of anemia above. This may help you to overcome your problem. Have a tried!

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