The Causes Of Vertigo Disease – What Are They?

the causes of vertigo disease

For those of you who have experienced vertigo, definitely will not be strong enough to withstand the pain. Do you know what the causes of vertigo disease? For those of you who do not know what causes this disease, you should know it right now. It must understand that you can handle at any time.

Vertigo is a balance disorder that occurs in the inner ear so that people with vertigo will feel dizzy and something around them was spinning or drift. Vertigo disease showed that there has been an imbalance in the vestibular tone. Vertigo symptoms that appear when a relapse can be varied. Usually, the symptoms will begin with a relatively mild dizziness until the time they will get worse and persist for a relatively long time period. In the conditions considered severe, the vertigo attacks can last for several days, causing the sufferer can not do usual activities.

Therefore, you should know this. Then the causes of vertigo disease must you know. So what are the factors that cause vertigo? This time I will give information about the disease, check the following things below!

What Causes Of Vertigo?

Disorders of the inner ear

Vertigo occurs when someone with a sudden change in head position, for example when getting out of bed or stand up quickly. Dizziness that occurs will disappear by itself in a few minutes. This type of vertigo caused by problems in the inner ear and is known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.

Cold and flu

This also can trigger a recurrence of vertigo. Vertigo is usually caused by labyrinthitis. A maze of channels that meander and filled with a fluid contained in the inner ear and it used to control hearing and balance. Labyrinthitis will lead to differences in the balance which sent to the brain from ear ache, healthy ears, and eyes. This condition can eventually lead to vertigo and dizziness.


A migraine can also cause a recurrence of vertigo. Even migraines which too often happen, it can also cause the appearance of vertigo in people who have had a history of vertigo. A migraine usually will be the cause of vertigo recurrence, especially in people who are young. As for some of the symptoms is usually in the form

Sleeping position

A head pillow which too low or too high can affect the appearance of vertigo. Especially if you have just woken up immediately got up quickly. This is one of the causes of vertigo. You should change your position while sleep.

Intake of food or drink

There are some types of food intake could trigger the interruption of blood circulation and trigger vertigo. The foods such as fried foods, red meat, consume coffee or alcohol, and cigarettes. When you consume those are too much, this allows you to the vertigo disease.

Do you already know what are the causes of vertigo disease? Have you ever feel or do those kinds of things above? For that, you should avoid and remember those things to overcome or handle vertigo when it suddenly appears.

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