3 Best of Face Care Tips With a Simple and Easy Way That You Can Do at Home!


Everyone surely wants to get a beautiful and healthy skin, especially for your face. For that, here we can share some tips about how to do face care tips with a simple and easy way that you can do at home. Why? Because this is everyone’s dream to get a white and flawless looks on their face.

Here, you can do that one with natural ingredients, this is very safe to your skin especially for your face. You can do this when you have a spare time at home. When you feel bored or tired maybe this way is the best solution for you. This also can make your body relax and get more benefits while doing this. Are you curious? Let’s go take a peek how to do this one!

Simple Daily Skin Care To Make Your Face Getting White and Pure

To make your skin getting beauty, you may choose and use natural ingredients that which very safe and possible to apply on your skin face. After that, you must know how to apply it. How is it? Check it below:

lemon-jeruk-nipisbest face care

  1. You may use a lemon, lime or tomato as the mask that you can do for daily skin care safer. These ingredients also very suitable to help a regeneration of your skin. Why? because they have a vitamin C which can make your skin more bright.
  2. After that, you clean and wash your face.
  3. Wash your lemon, lime or tomato. You divide those into some pieces or you also can squeeze it and take the water.
  4. Put on your face evenly.
  5. Take a few minutes. After that wash your face back with a warmth water. Then, wash twice with a cold water. This is can help the shrink the pores on your face.

The tips above is the simple daily skin care that can help you to make your face not only bright but also pure. Besides you can do the natural way from outside, you also drink a papaya juice or tomato juice. This will improve skin regeneration from within. This also the best way that you can do at home every day or outside beside you do a face care tips.

Then, the next steps, you also may make your face become flawless and smooth. This also an important thing that can make your face more beauty. Rather than white and pure, those things also really need to your skin health. Now, we want to share the next tips to make your face more perfect.

An Easy Way Face Care Tips To Make Your Face Become Smooth and Flawless

The next steps that you can do at home, you can also choose a natural treatment which can make your skin become more pretty. Let’s see it!

tips skin care with white egg

  1. You may choose an egg, but you must separate the yolk from the white of the egg for the mask.
  2. Before you use the egg as a mask, you should wash your face.
  3. After that, you must apply the white egg on your face using a brush evenly.
  4. Take a few minutes until slightly stiff.
  5. Take a cotton, then provide a warm water to rinse the mask. Do this tips skin care twice a day to get a perfect result.

What do you think about those tips skin care above? Let’s follow a simple and an easy way that you can do at home to get a beauty and healthy skin of your face. Good luck!

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