What Causes a Bad Ear Infection?


4Nids.comIf you have a history of swimmer’s ear, a cotton swab or other earpiece that causes irritation can be a cause of a bad ear infection. Children’s ear canals are also narrower than adults’, making them especially susceptible to infection. While the initial symptoms are usually mild, they can quickly escalate into painful, drainage and increased swelling. They can even lead to fever and loss of hearing.

Glue ear affects kids more than adults

Glue ear is the result of fluid buildup in the middle ear. Glue ear affects children more than adults and is frequently caused by frequent colds or less developed tubes. Some other factors may cause glue ear. Exposure to cigarette smoke, allergies, and reflux may contribute to the development of this infection. And genetics and bacteria are also known to cause a bad ear infection. No matter the cause, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible to avoid any complications or ear infections.

If you think your child has an ear infection, visit your pediatrician right away. Most children will clear up the infection on their own, although it may take a few weeks to fully resolve. If it is not too severe, you may be able to treat the pain yourself with non-aspirin pain relievers. Afterwards, your healthcare provider will examine your child’s ear and assess your child’s hearing.

This disease causes fluid to build up in the inner ear

In some cases, a bad ear infection can cause your dog to lose his balance. The affected ear may be tilted to one side or unable to walk in a straight line. You may also notice your dog shaking its head a lot and pawing the affected ear. If you find your pet’s symptoms reoccur, your dog may have Meniere’s disease. This disease causes fluid buildup in the inner ear, causing vertigo, balance issues, and other problems.

Antibiotics can help cure an ear infection, but your healthcare provider may want to check your child’s condition again to see if it’s cleared up. However, antibiotics can leave fluid in your child’s ear for a couple of weeks without causing any inflammation. If you notice that your child has repeated ear infections or if the fluid is persistent, your doctor may insert a small tube into the eardrum to drain the fluid and maintain normal air pressure on both sides of the ear drum.

The infection also produces chemicals that produce inflammation

Bacteria and viruses are the main causes of ear infections. It starts with a respiratory infection and travels to the middle ear through the eustachian tube. When the eustachian tube becomes blocked, bacteria enters the middle ear and cause infection. As a result, fluid builds up in the middle ear, causing pain and hearing problems. The infection also produces chemicals that produce swelling.

Besides the topical medications, you can also make a home-made mixture of two substances. Alcohol is an antiseptic that will dry up the ear canal and vinegar helps restore the pH level of the canal. Both of these substances are available commercially. If you’re worried about the safety of alcohol or vinegar, you can buy a solution containing a similar blend. You can also try applying a dry cloth to your ear, but you need to wait for several days before you see the effects.

During this time, you have to avoid flying

While flying can be uncomfortable, it can also cause a severe ear infection. During this time, you should avoid flying, as you’re likely to experience discomfort and possibly even pain. While the air inside your ear is usually very dry, your ears may be sore and blocked that it is difficult to pop it. You should seek medical attention if your ear pain persists and does not subside on its own.

While a bad ear infection can be a minor inconvenience, it can cause chronic pain and a low-grade fever. Infants with chronic ear infections may also be fussy. A doctor will look for signs of ear infection, including redness, air bubbles, and thick fluid in the middle ear. If swabs of the fluid indicate that bacteria is in your child’s ear, you should seek immediate medical attention.

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