How to Choose Between Formal and Casual Wear


4nids.comCasual dress is a simple, casual, flexible and well-suited option for daily casual use. Casual wear has become popular in the Westernized world after the 1960s, when anti-intellectualism and materialism became main stream. The philosophy of casual dress was to create a set of boundaries that separated people on the basis of their cultural and social backgrounds so that they could live and socialize together. Initially casual dress was simply a matter of personal choice but as fashion progressed it started to incorporate some definite aspects into the casual dress code.

Jeans and t-shirts with casual tops are very suitable if you are often outside

The term casual dress can refer to any casual garment that you would wear on your own. It can also refer to any casual footwear, undergarments, jackets, outerwear, lingerie, swimsuits, casual tops and casual shirts. These things are often seen wearing jeans and t-shirts along with casual dresses which are less formally worn. You would wear these items in place of formal slacks and trousers. If you were not going to be spending a great deal of time outside your home or office then you would probably wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a casual top.

The workplace is one place where casual dress codes have varied. In the US workplace casual dress codes usually include a dark or neutral colored shirt and a conservative necktie. While in most other parts of the world it is expected that you would wear business attire including a necktie and a suit. However, business casual dress codes can vary depending on the culture and time period. Generally speaking if you are visiting the workplace for the first time you would be expected to dress more casually than if you had previously worked there. If you had been a regular at the workplace then you may well dress in business casual attire but this would be more appropriate if you were going to be away for an extended period of time.

Casual clothes are generally preferred over formal wear

Casual clothing is generally seen as much more comfortable than formal wear. Formal clothing such as suits can be very hard to keep clean and can be subject to a lot of friction. For this reason casual wear is generally preferred over formal wear for a variety of reasons. Casual clothing is also very easy to put on and take off making it ideal for those times when you just want to dress down for a casual occasion. It can also be worn by anyone regardless of their body type which is very good news for those with a more stocky build.

Business casual clothes are not very suitable for daily use

It is true that business casual attire is not really suitable for every day use but you can make it work for you. For instance it is perfectly acceptable to wear a sports jersey during the day and a t-shirt or casual t-shirt for the evening. The same idea can be applied for casual footwear and accessories. If you choose to buy a pair of casual shoes you can even wear them to work in place of your more formal dress shoes.

As mentioned previously it is perfectly acceptable to conform to a casual dress code but the mistake many people make is to do so because they think that it is somehow inappropriate to dress in a certain way. You are perfectly within your rights to choose to wear any type of casual dress code you like so long as you are able to make the choice in a sensible manner. When you dress in a casual manner it does not mean that you have to go wrong. For example a business casual dress code might mean wearing trousers and a white shirt rather than a jacket and tie. You will still look smart and sharp but it would be wise to wear something a bit more causal such as a brightly coloured neck scarf and perhaps a colourful waistcoat rather than a dark suit. Of course it would be preferable if you were to stay away from darker colours unless you are going to work in a dull office!

The casual outfit you wear can look great

When you dress in a casual fashion you can still look great but it does depend a lot on what you are wearing with it. If you are to choose a necktie then you must ensure that it compliments your dress. In particular you need to ensure that it does not stick out like a sore thumb or cause offence by appearing to be over the top. This rule is even more important for women when choosing a necktie. The colour of the tie is also extremely important. For a formal cocktail party it is perfectly acceptable for you to wear a black tie or another solid colour but for less formal events a casual dress code might be more appropriate.

For a smart casual dressy coat is a good choice. These days you can choose a casual coat in virtually any colour so long as it does not have any bright designs or is in monochrome. If you choose a printed coat it can look quite smart casual but only if worn unbuttoned. For the most casual events wear something simple and light such as cotton

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