Earring Fashion – The Basics of Earrings


4nids.com – An earring is any piece of jewellery attached to the ear by a tiny piercing in the ear or any other external element of the ear. Earrings were worn by people from many different cultures and historical periods, often having cultural significance as well. People wore them in Egypt, ancient Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, and many other countries throughout the years. The most common earring types and designs are the stud, a hoop type, chandelier earring designs, beaded earrings, and titanium earring designs. They come in a variety of metals such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, titanium, brass, and stainless earring.

Main Types of Common Earring Designs

There are two main types of earring designs that are most common. They are the stud earring and the hoop earring. A stud is an insert inserted into the earlobe. It can be one long stud or multiple short ones. Hoops are inserts inserted into the earring’s hoops.

Earrings are worn to enhance the look of one’s ears, usually matching their clothing. Earrings can be worn for casual events that require a certain level of elegance. They can also be worn for formal events and occasions. These days, women wea

Popular and Safe to Wear Earrings

One popular type of earring fastener is the lever back fastening. It is the oldest type of fastening available. Lever backs fasten the earring, either by looping over the ear or through a small hole in the back of the ear lobe. The fasteners screw onto the ear lobe using a small bolt. The advantage of lever back fastening is that it does not require sash adjustment, is easy to use, and can provide a secure fit.

There are two types of non-pierced earrings: pierced and cartilage. Pierced earrings are inserted through the holes on the ear lobe. There are small metal clips on each side of the clip that keep the earring in place. There is generally no other type of adornment on the earring except for colored gems. Cartilage earrings are made with similar materials to the pililage used in artificial joint implants. There are no screws attaching them.

The Diversity of Today’s Earring Styles

Some of the more popular earring styles include: Drop earrings, French earrings, oval-shaped studs, channel earrings, princess-tooth studs, and many others. Drop earrings are smaller than normal earring drop and sit just beneath the earlobe. Some are even made with a tiny rubber circle to add a little bit of pizzazz. Many people wear oval-shaped studs because they add a little height.

Hoops are similar to drop earrings, but they sit on the top of the ear lobe, just above the cartilage. Hoops are commonly used as a accent, but some are used in foundation fashion as well. They are also made from many different materials including plastic, metal, hollow tubing, and gemstones. Hoops are attached with clamps or simple clips, and sit high on the ear lobe. Hoops are available in many different sizes and styles, but are most often used as a decorative accent piece.

Studs are also a fun earring to wear. They have the appearance of small hooks placed on the side of the ear, but are actually a headband secured by a threaded fastening system. Studs are fastened to the back of the ear by one of four ways – either Velcro, earbud adaptors, the traditional fastening, or both. Fastening is done either with earbuds, with clamps, or with clips. The studs are usually circular in shape, but can be made in various shapes depending on the look and style desired. Stud earrings are typically inserted into the ear using a screwdriver or other object; this is especially true for the newer generation of earrings called “minibrillator” studs, which are fastened with tiny clips.

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