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the world's fastest growing economies

If we talk about the economy, this is the bigger problem in the world from the past up until now. If one problem already solved, the new one will arise immediately. That is why we cannot avoid this one at all. Today, we have a list of the world’s fastest-growing economies. We are sure you curious, right? Who knows your country is included on the list.



Probably, most of us do not recognize this one. If we do not look for it, probably we never know this kind of country exists. When we searched for this one, Bhutan is the smallest one in the term of the area. The location of this country are between India and Cina. Based on the research by Global Outlook, the economy is still increasing by $2.05 billion. It makes Bhutan is the number one country with the fastest growing economies in the world.



The next country is Ethiopia which located in the Africa. This is one of the most developed countries in the world. And one of the aspects is about the economy. Even though it is losing against Bhutan, Global Outlook still predicts it will increase over 8,7% in 2018-2019. Although this country still shrouded in poverty, it can show the true potential.



This is one of the countries which give much attention to the world. Most of all amaze because of the stable and increase economy rate. It is predicted, the growth rate of India will increase even more on 2021 if it continues. But the rival of India, China really slowing down quite a bit in the recent years.



In 1992, the political and legal system of Ghana already changed. They focus on how to maintain the economic problem. Up until now, the economic is really stable and increase year by year. Especially in 2010, when Ghana discover oil sources. it will make their economic rise even more.

Cote d’Ivoire

cote d’ivoire

Located in the west of Africa. After Ethiopia, Cote d’Ivoire is the second largest. Since 2012, this small country shows a good potential because of the stable economic problem. The country also wants to reduce poverty in 2016-2020. But, we are sure with the increase of economic rate it is possible to do that.


That is the 5 country which has the fastest economies growing rate. Do you live in one of the countries? If so, you must be grateful because of that. Of course, this is only temporary, the result will change next years. If it is about the economy problem, it will not end quickly.

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