The Best Android Games for Women to be Played

the best android games for women

Hi, girls, surely most of you ever playing an android game, right? Some of the people maybe think that woman can’t or don’t interested in playing a game. But, not all of them be like, there also who really excited and like to play with. Then, what’s the best android games for women to be played? If you still don’t know or you are looking for them, I’ll share it with you right now!

Actually, the game is very important to play for everyone which can help to decrease a boredom. There’s no boundary for people who want to play a game whether man or women. But most of young or adult woman doesn’t like a difficult game which full of strategy and adventure. They prefer to play a fantasy or easy game. So, what kind of game is that? Let’s scroll down your button!

5 Popular Android Games for Woman

  1. Candy Crush Saga

    Candy Crush Saga becomes the favorite Woman’s game on Android. This game is quite phenomenal among women and this is a puzzle game that raises adventure in the country of Candy Kingdom. As the name implies, you will be charged with drawing puzzles in the form of colorful candies. You have to crush the candy based on the instructions when playing this game to rise to the next level.

    candy crush saga

  2. The Sims

    If you really like fashion games then you want to explore it more, The Sims is the right alternative game to play. In The Sims, you can build your own family, design a dream home and then live the life you want.
    This game series has long been a popular game choice for girls or young women and earned the title of the most popular game series of all time. Besides that, this also becomes the best android games for women to play.

    the sims

  3. Hay Day

    One of the Android gardening games that are quite popular with the girls. This game can only be played by using the internet connection and the theme of this game is on a farm.
    The players will become farmers who can grow various crops, raise animals and cultivate the plantation products for the food. But it takes patience to play the game of gardening on this android because it takes a time to wait for plants, animals and your cooking for ready to be harvested.

    hay day game

  4. Minion Rush (Despicable Me)

    Android game Girls are no less exciting other is Despicable Me: Minion Rush. One of the successful animated films and quite famous for its character like Minion. Yes, this identical little yellow creature is very cute and adorable.
    For those of you who love Minion characters, you can play the game through your Android. Despicable Me Games: Minion Rush gets you to run through challenges while collecting bananas.

    minion rush game

  5. Looklet

    Looklet is the best android games for women that let you dress characters with a variety of clothing that was really designed by famous designers, not just clothes which designed by fellow players.
    This game is very interesting and useful for teenage girls who want to explore the fashion industry. Why? because this game takes a lot of inspiration from various fashion shows and fashion events in the world.

    looklet game
    So, which one the games that might interest you to play?

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