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Every bride having a special and extraordinary wedding dream. They would want their special moment such as dresses, decorations, cakes to other wedding items look perfect. Especially for the cake, they also should choose the best wedding cakes with a unique and attractive design which stunning you. Therefore, Roowedding website introduces you variety of cakes for a wedding that could be your reference for your wedding party. 

For those of you who don’t have ideas about what kind of wedding cake design+topping that you want to choose for your reception, here there are! You can see the examples of beautiful wedding cake which has a unique topping on it. Starting from simple to contemporary cake, Roowedding website offered to you. Therefore, here is your chance to see all the best reviews here.

Attractive and Unique Wedding Cakes + Topping

Based on the pictures I saw on Roowedding, I was impressed with some of the wedding cakes choices. Lots of topping selection which looks so beautiful and perfect for your cake. On this time, I will give you a bit review the best wedding cakes complete with the topping on it which very recommended for your special moment.

unique and attractive topping wedding cakes

  • Unique wedding cakes with a creative and attractive design like the pictures below are suitable to choose. It does not like a usual wedding cake, with a unique theme, you can custom your favorite character or design. This wedding cake will look beautiful because of the creative idea that applies to this cake. A beautiful wedding cake design like this is suitable for a fairy tale or gorgeous wedding theme.


  • Colorful cake design also become one of the favorite cake for every bridal. This will present something gorgeous. Moreover, if the cakes adding an adorable topping on it, surely it makes it more perfect. These cakes have a variety of beautiful model design, start with a mini until the layer one. If you are looking for this wedding cake ideas, unique and colorful wedding cakes like these are the right one for you.

    fairy tale wedding cakes

  • Besides that, other the best wedding cakes on Roowedding, a fairytale theme for a wedding cake topping also very unique to be chosen. With the gold color theme and beautiful garnish which reflect a fairy tale nuance brings out a glamorous impression. This cake lining with cute topping on it makes the cake looks attractive. A bit floral may you add as the other choices of design or topping to beautify the cake.

    mini wedding cake

  • If you want to find a something unique of wedding cake ideas, mini wedding cakes with cute topping on it are possible to choose. There is a perfect design with a variety of cute and beautiful design. By applying with a different theme of design for your cake, it will make your special moment looks charming whether you only choose mini cakes design.

    rustic wedding cake ideas

  • Kinds of rustic wedding cakes design also become the trending topic and the best wedding cake design that every bride choose for their moment. If you want to celebrate with a simple, classic, and rustic theme, it’s more fitted with your wedding concept. To make it more perfect, a florist and greenery garnish is a great topping to support your wedding cake theme.
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