How to Reduce Menstrual Pain? 5 Natural Ways to Handle This

how to reduce menstrual pain

Menstrual pain is a common symptom often experienced by women during the early menstrual cycle. But do you know how to reduce menstrual pain that occurs? Almost every woman feel this one. Every time she menstruates, the pain which felt in each woman is different. When they are menstruating, sometimes they are not able to do any activity, but some of them can still doing they activity without feeling the pain.

In addition, there are some symptoms that menstruate you need to know. This is common in some women, but not all of these symptoms are present. Just a few of the symptoms they feel during menstruation, here there are!

Symptoms During Menstruation

Hormonal changes that occur in women become one of the causes of the emergence of menstruation. A normal woman then she will experience menstruation in adolescence. The normal cycle of a woman’s menstruation is 28 days or can be said once a month. When menstruation comes, then there will be some symptoms that felt to them. There are the following symptoms that they feel during menstruation
  • Pain in lower of abdomen
  • Fatigue
  • Have a headache
  • Bloated
  • Depression
  • Breasts are painful and swollen

natural remedies to reduce menstrual pain

5 Natural Remedies to Reduce Menstrual Pain

You should know how to reduce menstrual pain with natural ways. Don’t need to consume too much of medicine, this will make your body unhealthy. It turns out that there are some of the natural ingredients which can we use to handle a menstrual pain that happens to us. This is very saved to follow. Do you want to know it? Let’s check here!

Turmeric Acid

Relieving pain during menstruation is not always done by consuming chemical drugs. You can also consume traditional ingredients, one of them is sour turmeric. Turmeric is a herbal remedy that is anti-inflammatory so as to reduce pain. This is the best way how to reduce menstrual pain for you. Consuming turmeric acid will also launch menstrual flow during menstruation.

Drinking Warm Water

Do not get the body’s need for fluids when your menstrual period is not fulfilled. During menstruation, the body will release more fluid so your water intake should also increase. You can consume warm water to give a sense of comfort to the body and also your stomach. Avoid some types of beverages such as coffee, drinks with high sugar content, and also soft drinks.

Setting Food Intake

Feeding nutritious foods are believed to relieve pain during menstruation. You can eat foods which rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin E, and also omega 3. Eating much of vegetables and fruits will fulfill your fiber and body nutrition.

Eat Rich Foods for Magnesium Content

Women will be particularly vulnerable to anemia during menstrual cycles. Therefore, consuming foods rich in magnesium content will help replace the red blood cells that come out with menstrual blood. Consuming foods rich in iron content will also keep your body fit and more vibrant when performing daily activities.

Enough Rest

Take a break very needs to provide a sense of relaxation as well as speed up the process of healing pain. When experiencing menstruation period, you should sleep at least for 7 hours. If necessary, you can take a nap for 1 hour to improve your body health. That’s all the ways how to reduce menstrual pain for you, hopefully, this is very useful for you!

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