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how to control your emotions

Are you the kind of person who is easily emotional? Therefore you need to know how to control your emotions. You must be able to control your emotional level so as not to have a bad effect. Emotions must always be controlled, especially in situations that require you to behave professionally.

Do not get angry, sad, or even happy when you want to solve your problem. Please use your logic and control your emotions. Because the emotions will damage relationships with others. Uncontrolled emotions can have a negative impact on health, such as triggering stress, high blood pressure, heart attacks and respiratory distress in the form of asthma. For that, try you should be able to hold your own emotional level. If you are hard to do, just take the easy was easy guys, I will share with you easily ways how to control your emotions. Immediately see the following things here!

Tips To Controlling Emotions


Always do introspection. Look at the problem from the other person’s point of view, while trying to correct yourself. Do not be afraid to admit it when you realize that you made a mistake, which actually makes you feel emotional. Do not let your mind block the introspection process, and make your emotions higher. Think carefully and control your emotions.

Keep yourself away from situations that make you feel emotionally

This method is actually very logical and reasonable. When emotions peak, keep yourself out of emotion. Even if the conditions are really urgent, try to find the time to get out of the situation that causes your emotion to rise. Find a quiet space just to “breathe”, calm yourself down there until your feeling better and prepare to face the problem again.


This is a very appropriate step to reduce your emotions, especially when you are very angry or very sad. When your emotions are nearing the top, find a quiet room, find a comfortable sitting position, breathe slowly, and focus on a certain point. Close your eyes, and start meditating for 5-15 minutes. This is very useful to help you reduce the level of emotion bubbling in your head. You should do this to make your body and mind more relax.

Think logical, not emotional

This happens when your heart (feeling) and logic are unstable. You get carried away by emotions, so this is the reason you can not think logically. To control your excessive emotions, start from now train yourself using your common sense (logic) in every circumstance. Prioritize logical considerations in yourself before acting so that you are not easily emotional.

Tell your problem to the nearest person

Communicating to others is one of an effective way to controlling emotions. If you feel anger or sadness, then try to talk this to the people closest to you. By sharing like this, the problems you experience will be solved easily. It will also eliminate the burden of the mind.
Remember these things to reduce your emotional level. You have to hold your emotions in order to avoid unwanted negative things. Try to understand and do the best way how to control your emotions in that way. Hopefully, this may help you very much! Good luck!
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