The Negative Impacts Of Globalization In This World | Let’s Check Here!

the negative impacts of globalization

Do you know about the process of globalization in the world? Then if you know the negative impacts of globalization? Before discussing this, you must know in advance what it is globalization. Therefore, I will give this information to you. Who knew this would be very beneficial.

Globalization, according to a website is the internet’s largest international integration process that occurs due to the exchange of views the world, products, ideas, and cultural aspects. From the definition described that we can interpret that today the world seems to be close and unite people of a different world seems to be one. An expert, in this case, is Thomas L. Friedman (a leading journalist) said that globalization is taking place more quickly and focused on something will continue to grow. But it turns out Globalization it could bring negative impact to our country. What are they? Let’s you check the things below. Hopefully, this will make you understand and bring a new knowledge about the Globalization process.

The Negative Effects of Globalization For Country

  • Attitude emergence Individualism

    The adverse effects of globalization that we can feel the community directly are the emergence of attitudes of individualism in society. It was proven when we met together with a lot of people, there are some people who are busy with their gadget. This proves that the attitude of individualism that appear are higher, then we should realize that human beings are social creatures.

  • Increased Consumer Lifestyle

    Nowadays there are lots of products that exist in the country, whether it is from export or import which abroad. This situation inevitably makes people, especially lovers of pleasures of the world are competing to buy and collect products that are not necessarily they need, just for the sake of a mere desire.

  • Flow of Information Not Controlled

    As we know that globalization does not always provide a positive impact on the world and life. But rather it, there is also negatively impact which is the flow of information that swift and uncontrolled. In this case, we should be able to pick and choose the information that is good for us, because not all information is good for us.

  • Greater social inequality

    Nowadays, there is a gap between the poor and rich people in this country. One side of globalization opens up opportunities for people who are educated, while on the other hands, globalization makes people are little more difficult to survive. This is causing social inequalities in Indonesia is widening every year.

  • Westernization (westernized)

    The negative impact of globalization is also felt by the Indonesian nation today is the proliferation of western culture. If it is good then we should imitate, but on the contrary, if it is not good, then throw it away. In fact today many western cultures that emerged in Indonesia. In otherwise rarely people who want to preserve the indigenous cultures of Indonesia itself. But if it is good, it is possible for you to follow.

So, do you already know the negative impacts of globalization, right? But this does not mean that Western culture does not deserve to imitate, it also can be our lesson well. Hopefully, this can help you in getting the information. Have a nice day 🙂

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