How To Avoid Sleepiness During Your Activity? The Best Tips To Follow!

how to avoid sleepiness

How do you do while you feel sleepy? Yeah, it will automatically make you feel lazy to do any activity, right? For that, do you know how to avoid sleepiness? If you experience this, you definitely want to sleep and rest, right?

Yes, surely most of you ever felt like this, sleepiness and fatigue in the activity. However, this is very dangerous when you are doing the important things in your activities. You are not possible to sleep in your workplace. Therefore, you must know how to cope excessive sleepiness. This thing is you need to know because it is very beneficial. For those of you who have trouble sleeping, it would easily run into anything like this. Well, on this occasion, I will help you and share how to avoid sleepiness easily while during your activity to prevent it in a proper way. Do you want to know what are the things to overcome it? Immediately read the following!

Fighting Off Sleepiness With Easy Ways

  1. Light exercise

    Most people includes employees often underestimate the importance of sport for various reasons, such as too busy with work and other things. They prefer not to do an exercise, moreover, this is obviously very important. While you are in the office environment, you can still do a little exercise to make the heart beat faster. It will give more oxygen to your body. You can do light exercises such as jumping jacks, jumping rope, or a little yoga. You can also run down to the stairs of your office. Do it until you sweat, so you are not sleepy anymore.

  2. Snacking

    You can also keep your body condition to avoid drowsiness by way of snacking. But remember to avoid a heavy meal or snack that tastes too sweet. Besides eating fruits, a spicy food or eat fruit that tastes were sour also can help relieve your sleepiness.

  3. Hang out

    Working in the room with light, computer monitors, and the air conditioner (AC) can make you quickly feel sleepy. For that, you can take a walk outside and see new scenery outdoors. It will make your body more refreshed and reduce your sleepy.

  4. Change the position of your body

    If you are still sleepy as well, maybe your sitting position is not right. By sitting the wrong way can also be a cause of sleepiness. You can try to sit in an upright position, crossing his legs, or try to stand for a moment and then sat down again. Then, you also can walk to the toilet while possible to simply wash the face.

  5. Cool your head

    You can also drink cold water (Ice) added lemon sugar without putting some sugar. This drink is very fresh due to cold and sour, especially if you drink it, I’m sure you will not sleepy anymore. Then you can also splash some water on your face. Alternatively, try put chunks of ice on the wrist, forehead or your shoulders.

Are you sleepy? So, let’s overcome it by following the ways how to avoid sleepiness above. Hopefully, it may help you a lot to fighting off your sleepy. Have a tried!

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