The Best Foods In The World – Delicious Countries Food

the best foods in the world

Everyone has a favorite and tasty food, but have you ever try to eat the best foods in the world which come from a variety of country? Every country has a special food which becomes the uniqueness of the country itself. Surely most of you didn’t know what are they, right?

Here, I would like to share what kind of the delicious countries food, not only good for taking a photo but also for eat. You don’t know that in this world many cities from different countries have the best and favorite food to eat. For you who like culinary, definitely you curious to try and taste it, right? For that, you must check and see these the best foods in the world below!

The Best Food From Different Countries

  1. Roti Prata, Singapore

roti prata singapore

Actually, there are lots of the best foods in Singapore, but this also becomes the favorite and special food around there. This kind of bread which has the same ingredient like to make a pizza. This a roast bread was made by requires a lot of time before you roast it. You may eat this one complete with a curry.

2. Tacos, Mexico

tacos mexico

Tacos made from a tortilla which you may mix and put a minced meat inside. Then put some ingredients such a garlic, onion, salad or other ingredients that you want to mix in. This food suitable to eat for the breakfast, lunch or dinner.

3. Rendang, Indonesia

rendang indonesia

This is the best food from Indonesia which many Indonesian people was familiar with it. It made from meat which cooked with spices to make strong taste and delicious. You may easy to find it in West Sumatera.

4. Bulgogi, Korea

bulgogi korea

Who doesn’t know this food? This is kind of food from Korea which already put all of the best ingredients for our food needs such a carbohydrate, protein, fat and mineral also. This food consist of meat which grilled as the main ingredient.

5. Ramen, Japan

ramen japan

Ramen is a special food in Japan which use a noodle as the main ingredient. Ramen was put some spices ingredient to mix for a gravy. Then, it combines with a chicken, egg, udon, and vegetable to make it complete.

6. Tom Yam, Thailand

tom yam thailand

This is one of food which consist of seafood such a shrimp, squid, then combine with a mushroom, tofu, and others to serve as one dish. Then you should boil those ingredients into much gravy. The gravy was made by a variety of taste such a sour, salty, sweet and spicy.

7. Croissant, France


It is roast bread which uses a raspberry as the sauce which spread on it. For the French people eat this one by drink a coffee.

8. Marzipan, Germany

marzipan germany

Marzipan kind of chocolate which consist of sugar, cheese, and potato. Then covered with chocolate which consists of almond and soy paste essence.

9. Seafood Paella, Spain

seafood paella

Consist of a variety of seafood such as shrimp, squid, lobster, shells and mix it with a rice, then cooked with strong spices to make it delicious.

10. Maple Syrup, Canada

maple syrup

This food consist of waffle which you may spread a honey sauce or maple syrup on it.

Are you ready for culinary? Let’s try one of those the best foods in the world above which serve a variety of delicious food from different countries.

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