Industrial Heat Shield Products Explained


Industrial heat shield products are designed and deployed for protecting excessive absorption of heat by various components in industries, from external sources or to minimize heat to maintain temperature and consistency in exhaust/gas. Multiple methods like dissipating, reflecting or absorbing heat are employed to achieve the objective. Heatshield products are used in a wide range of industries where thermal protection is important. If we consider an automobile as an example, there are several components within a vehicle that needs thermal protection and these include the transmission and electrical systems, brakes, fuel lines etc.

Physical properties listed below will impact the efficiency of heat shield products:

  • Reflectivity
  • Conductivity
  • Emissivity

Radiant type heat shield/thermal barrier reflects the thermal energy from the surface which is sensitive to temperature. Emissivity and conductivity will determine the quantum of heat transferred via air gaps between the heat source and heat shield and an additional air gap between the heat shield and protected component. Custom designing of heat shield products is often necessary to account for weight and space limitations in various applications.

Heatshield products find significant application in the automobile and aviation industries. Controlling pollution emission in vehicles with an internal combustion engine, optimization of the lifespan of batteries as also the range for hybrid/electric vehicles, and affording protection to the health and well being of passengers are some of the application areas for heat shield products in these industries.

Improved mileage from heat shield products

In automobiles, heat shield products help in moving the heat of the transmission tunnels and allied components to minimize the internal temperature allowing occupants inside the vehicle to stay cool.  Apart from this heat shield products can also improve fuel economy translating to significant savings of cash over a length of time. Likewise, all the critical wiring for the engine can also be protected using heat shield sleeves and this also prevents vapour lock when applied to fuel lines thereby enhancing the output and efficiency of vehicles.

Higher power from emission control

Heatshield products help in the insulating automotive exhaust for controlling the emission of carbon monoxide and thereby improving mileage. The temperature under the hood also drops on account of the heat shield products helping the automobile with minimal emission and maximum power to deliver more miles per gallon of fuel. Thus heat shield products deliver more power and consequent savings to automobile owners.

Extended life

Apart from additional power and improved mileage, heat shield products also contribute to extended life of the vehicle apart from affording protection from damages and fewer visits to the garage as a consequence. Heatshield Products, exhaust insulation and heat protection sleeves/tapes are designed to improve the overall performance of your vehicle as well as its lifecycle.

It is important however that you get these heat shield products from a reliable manufacturer/supplier with significant experience and expertise in the trade. You should also be aware that anything less than the best heat shield products can potentially cause serious damage to your vehicle and added risk of accidents.

Heatshield products for industrial applications

Away from the automobile sector, heat shield products also find application in a wide range of industrial settings. Some of these applications include:-

Exhaust insulation

Generator sets, power plants, ovens and gaskets generate a huge amount of radiant heat and with appropriate heat shield products, these industries can contain heat at each stage of the process helping to reduce energy consumption and minimizing worker fatigue.

Heat Shield barrier curtains

Heatshield barrier curtains help particularly in environments where protection is essential for a wide array of electronic components and people working behind them. The instrumentation control room in large continuous process industries is a typical example. Insulation curtains are generally custom designed and constitute an ideal means of segment power generation area, ovens, refinery area etc and saving thermal energy that is otherwise lost across manufacturing processes. These industries will further from consequential gains in energy costs.

Industrial Sleeves

Some of the heat shield products are also designed for heavy-duty deployment in industries like refineries, breweries etc and all those figuring in between. These products are often tailor-made and apart from the monetary saving, they help in the prevention of catastrophic accidents that may slow down the entire operation in the industry. Industrial heat shield products are also capable of keeping fluids cold or hot and therefore ideal for breweries and refineries which are required to maintain a stable temperature for fluids and gases. Appropriate heat shield products will save energy costs and protect sensitive pieces of equipment/components and personnel for these industries from the impact of radiant heat.

Industrial heat protection tape

Many manufacturers offer a wide array of heat shield tapes for a range of applications including industrial establishments, home workshops, etc and this is a great way to shield spot components in factories and other manufacturing processes for protecting wiring, pipes, hoses and other similar fixtures from radiant heat/energy loss.


The key to best results from heat shield products is choosing the right products from reputed manufacturers/suppliers. When you start shopping for these products, explore the larger arena and study in-depth details. Do not hesitate to ask questions when you need to. Further, it is important that all those who are involved in handling these products read the instructions thoroughly and comprehend the manufacturer’s guidance. The guarantees/warranties and any associated fine print is another area you should focus on.


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