Hydrodermabrasion Facial – New Go-To for Sensitive Skin


The billion-dollar beauty industry keeps coming up with new, innovative treatments that promise to banish fine lines, smooth out wrinkles and even out skin tone. A breakthrough in skin rejuvenation is Hydrodermabrasion also known as Hydrafacial. It is a new celebrity facial and a favourite among celebs like Shakira, Katy Perry and Charlize Theron. Recently, hydrodermabrasion started creating buzz among the skin care junkies, and it shifted from being celebrities best-kept secret to one of the most preferred facials in Australia and the world over.

What is Hydrodermabrasion?

It is a non-invasive way to remove dead skin cells from the skin to eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It delivers pretty much the same results as on microdermabrasion device, with the difference that hydrodermabrasion uses water and oxygen instead of crystals. There are major differences between the two concerning side effects, pain and downtime.

Microdermabrasion uses a special wand with refined crystal tip which sloughs off heavy dead skin cells and treats enlarged pores, sever pigmentation and even pitted acne scars. It is a non-invasive procedure, but common side effects include dryness, minor skin irritation and slight redness.

On the other hand, hyrdodermabrasion peels the skin more gently as it uses normal saline or serum as the peeling medium and extracts impurities. At the same time of peeling, it bathes the new skin, with cleansing, hydrating and moisturising serums. The hydrodermabrasion machine is used to push antioxidants deep into the skin and then LED light is used to enhance the treatment by fighting acne-causing bacteria to stimulate collagen production. The procedure is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and effective and is suitable for all skin types.

The Benefits

Hydrodermabrasion machine is designed to improve skin problems such as blackheads, whiteheads, brown spots, sun damaged skin, acne, acne scars, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, wrinkles, fine lines and advanced signs of ageing. It improves the overall quality of the skin making it healthier, attractive and radiant and that too within 15-20 minutes. Visible results of skin improvement can be seen just after one treatment. However, 6-8 sessions every 2-8 weeks apart are usually recommended to improve the overall skin texture.

Hydrodermabrasion effectively and safely improves skin quality by increasing the thickness, repairing the dermal matrix and delivering beneficial antioxidants. It is a perfect solution for your skin that restores the complexion with moisture and imparts a radiant glow offering a gentle alternative to other surgical treatments.

Besides the full range of skin conditions that can be treated, the most significant feature that makes Hydrodermabrasion so popular is the fact that it is very effective for the treatment of sensitive skin.

Go-To Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Hydrodermabrasion does not work as vigorously on the skin as the Universal IPL’s Microdermabrasion Machines, so people with sensitive skin who can’t handle heavy exfoliation will benefit most from this gentler option.

It may take more sessions to correct severe skin issues, but the process does not come with effects such as skin irritation and redness, usually associated with the microdermabrasion treatment.


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